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Fukushima. Possible pollution forecast.

As a result of an earthquake in Japan the accident occurred at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant.

This section presents the results of the transport modeling of possible radioactive contamination. Since data on the volume and frequency of emissions are absent in open sources, the results can only be used as an example.

Model: FLEXPART 8.2

Meteorological data: GFS forecast.

Source: Fukushima.

Release: it begins with the start of the calculation and continues throughout the period of calculation, height - 0-100m. The duration of the forecast: 5 days.

Output: values up to 1km.

Calculations are made for only tracer transport without deposition, and also for Cs137 with deposition. Data are grouped by date of beginning calculation.

1 08.05.2011. Прогноз на 7 дней
2 12.04.2011. Прогноз на 6 дней
3 27.03.2011. 5 days forecast.
4 26.03.2011. 5 days forecast.
5 25.03.2011. 5 days forecast.
6 24.03.2011. 5 days forecast.
7 23.03.2011. 5 days forecast.
8 22.03.2011. 5 days forecast.
9 21.03.2011. 5 days forecast.