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Atmosphere rocket sounding

Rocket sounding database includes vertical profiles of temperature, pressure, density, zonal and meridional winds in the range of 0 - 80 km with resolution of 1 kilometer for Russian and foreign stations. Unregistered users have access only to a graphical representation of data (requires adobe flash player ). If you want to save the data, please contact V.A. Yushkov to get full access: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
There are 7 stations available now (20.03.12 - 3 new stations were published):

  • Heis (coordinates: 80°37'N,58°03'E; years: 1969-1995)
  • Volgograd (coordinates: 48°41'N,44°21'E; years: 1969-1995)
  • Tumba (coordinates: 8°32'N,76°51'E; years: 1970-1991)
  • Molodyozhnaya (coordinates: 67°40'S,45°51'E; years: 1969-1995)
  • Ahtopol (coordinates: 42°06'N,27°57'E; years: 1982-1992)
  • Balhash (coordinates: 46°51'N,74°59'E; years: 1974-1992)
  • Sajn-Shand (coordinates: 44°53'N,110°07'E; years: 1984-1992)

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